Wicked Empire CD Review

WICKED EMPIRE Self Titled (Independent release) Words – Geoff Jenke 2020 wasn’t kind to bands! Adelaide band Wicked Empire were making inroads to the Adelaide scene with a strong live following and an imminent debut album release when the crap (or corona) hit the fan. Some bands just went into hibernation and had 12 months (or more) off but Wicked Empire used the time to get their debut CD ready for release and even recorded more songs for their next album. 2021 has finally seen the release of the self-titled debut album and it is worth the weight. Wicked Empire are: Scott Semmler on guitars, Peter Eime – bass, Rino Crescitelli – vocals, Steve O’Shea – guitars and Rob Shepherd on drums. Wicked Empire play hard melodic rock with lots of guitars and soaring vocals, all with an edge of hardness. Opening track, Zeitgeist, shows this right from the opening guitar riffs. Next up, Days of Old, continues with the hard sound. While the first two tracks are good, it is the third track, Seems Like, where things really kick in. The power chords from Scott breaking out of the speakers match the ferocity of Rino’s vocals about “seizing the … Continue reading Wicked Empire CD Review